8 Amazing Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Coffee

Don't let sub-par coffee drag your employees down. Here are some compelling reasons to upgrade your office coffee supply.

If you're trying to brew some ideas about how to enhance the work experience for your team, then look no further than office coffee.

Perhaps you don't have a coffee maker on hand, meaning your employees have to seek their caffeine elsewhere. Or perhaps you do have an office coffee maker that's old and produces undrinkable sludge or only makes one cup at a time (which is fine, unless you have 20 employees lining up.) 

Whatever the case, your staff will your investment in better coffee as a perk. Here are 8 reasons that an office coffee upgrade is smart... 

1. Keeps Employees on Site

So you give your staff a couple of 15-minute coffee breaks per day. Good for you, that's nice! But if you don't have quality coffee on site, that means your employees will have to seek it out. And the closest coffee shop might be a 10-minute walk away. 

So in essence, the 15-break could turn into a longer one, because you don't have the right supplies on site. And that's just the walk to get the coffee – not including the time it takes to sip through it. 

2. Boosts Memory

So you have a big meeting planned with a lot of important information you need your team to retain. But while you might be excited and perky about it, your team may not be. 

Not only will a good, strong coffee help keep them alert and connected during the meeting, but it might also mean they retain the knowledge better afterward. In fact, research has shown there's a link between coffee consumption and more reliable long-term memory. 

3. It Can Improve Performance

There's also some data to support that coffee can temporarily boost brain functions (including memory), namely by keeping people more alert. 

The thought behind this is that caffeine reacts to a neurotransmitter in the brain called adenosine that helps promote sleepiness. Because caffeine and this neurotransmitter are close in structure, making them competitors. The caffeine binds to receptors that adenosine would, meaning you feel perkier rather than feeling like hitting the hay. 

So if you have some particularly mentally exhausting tasks that need to be done, then plying your staff with coffee might not be a bad idea to keep them focused and sharp. 

4. Saves Money on Supplies and Cleanup

You have a couple of options when it comes to an office coffee upgrade. You can buy a fancy machine and stock all of the filters and coffee grounds (as well as milk and sugar.) 

However, that means someone will need to be in charge of cleaning the machine regularly and ordering supplies. You likely won't hire someone in-house just to do that task, so one of your employees will have time taken away from their usual job to handle this responsibility. 

You can also hire a single cup or single pot coffee service that comes right to you with the fresh coffee for all of your staff. That way you don't have to worry about stocking and cleanup, and instead focus on enjoying the coffee and smashing the afternoon's to-do list. 

5. Make a Good Impression on Clients

It's not only your employees that will thank you for a great cup of coffee at the office. Whether you buy a quality coffee maker or use a coffee service, you can also treat your clients to a nice cup of joe to help show your appreciation during a meeting. 

If you're trying to win over a new client, handing them a steaming mug of freshly-brewed coffee might just be the first impression tactic that you need. 

6. Fosters Better Mood and Sociability

There's a study that says drinking a cup of coffee throughout the day can help people to stay in a positive mood by releasing a "happy" brain chemical called dopamine, which is a win-win for you and your staff. Theoretically, this might mean that people get along better and seek out others when they need help or advice on a project. 

Bringing staff together for a coffee break is another way they can share ideas, or even talk about shows they all like. This can lead to better morale and a higher sense of camaraderie in the workplace. 

But there's downside we should mention: drinking too much coffee can also lead to people becoming more stressed and anxious, especially if the person is predisposed to feeling nervous. Try to keep the coffee to every four hours or so, one cup at a time. 

(However, another report says that caffeine used in moderation may also help ease symptoms of anxiety thanks to the dopamine release.)

7. It Could Lengthen Employee's Lives

Drinking coffee regularly may even help prevent serious diseases, thanks to the antioxidants in coffee that can curb cancer and other illnesses. There's also some evidence to suggest that caffeine consumption can lower the chance of type 2 diabetes while increasing metabolism. 

And what's better than showing employees that you value their health and well-being? (Not to mention the possibility of less sick days.)

8. Attract Younger, Ethical-Minded Staff

Coffee consumption is huge in the U.S. In fact, more than 64 percent of Americans have reported to having some regularly. Of the people who drink coffee, close to half of them are millennials and many of them care about where their coffee came from. 

When you're choosing a coffee service, you can source out the ones that have the most sustainable coffee sourcing practices. Or, it might just come down to the one that's the most delicious. Either way, not having coffee in the office can send the wrong message to young talent. 

The Perks of Having Office Coffee Are Clear

There's no doubt that investing money in improving office coffee for your staff can go a long way. Not only is it a way to show you care and give a little back (you can offer the coffee for free or at a reduced rate), but it also has mental and physical benefits for your team.

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